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Monika B. Leopold Photography
Monika B. Leopold Photography

Monika Leopold

My name is Monika Leopold and I'm the head photographer and owner of Monika B. Leopold Photography located in beautiful Durango, Colorado! My passion for photography started quite uncharacteristically. I'm educated as a geologist but I begin learning photography while conducting geologic research deep in the Sierra Nevadan backcountry in 2013. I fell in love with photography then, and have ever since brought my camera along for all my adventures across the American West. I moved to Durango nearly 4.5 years ago, have since made it my home, and am deeply ingrained in the community here. Capturing moments over the years has led me down the path of entrepreneurship, and I'm so excited to see where my photography business venture leads me. My hope is to make professional photography accessible and affordable to all. My introduction to adulthood has been nothing but humbling and ridden with borderline poverty, and making such an expensive service available to all is my ultimate goal.


Nick Valoff

Nick is our second shooter for weddings, and also is an extraordinaire rock climber. Nick is currently pursuing his nursing degree at San Juan College, and works full-time at Mercy Hospital in Durango, Colorado.

Adventures of Monika, Nick, and Moki